The Essentials of Interior Design
~A introduction to the Art of Interior Design~

This 1 1/2 hour course is all about Interior Design covering these specific categories and a much further in depth look of Interior Design from commencement to completion.

  • Where to Start?
  • Design Styles
  • Prioritizing
  • Design Budget
  • Colors
  • Decorative Finishes
  • Furnishings and placement
  • Accessories to complete your look

-Classes will take place at the Powerhouse - 621 South 17th Street - Boise.

Dates and Times:
Tuesdays - December 9th and December 16th 6:00pm - 7:30pm
Wednesday - December 17th 6:00pm - 7:30pm
Saturdays - None in December

*Addtional class dates for the following month will be added at the end of each existing month.Classes are planned throughout 2014. Class dates,times and location are subject to change.

$85.00 per person

Please call 890-8080 for reservations or use our contact form to confirm dates/times.


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